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‘The Turkey Men:’ Supernatural drama offers

enough intrigue and nifty effects to become a hit

By Michael Grossberg For The Columbus Dispatch


Sheldon Gleisser

Filmmaker, Author, Playwright


What people are saying...


We are honored and humbled by the comments people have made about "The Turkey Men." Here are a few.



"...The Turkey Men fantastic in every sense of the word. When I first heard the premise I thought 'how is that going to work?' and last night learned the answer- beautifully. I love stories that connect the past and present and Douglas has written a unique one that made the audience cheer."
Johnrick Hole, Playwright



“It’s a ghost story but without ghosts, it’s a sci-fi story but not lost in the weeds. It is a remarkable story of the very human desire to connect, communicate, and ultimately to be seen for who you really are. Very relevant today...It’s such a First World privilege to have your mind captured so... The critics aren’t wrong - and neither am I! Go see this production, then thank me. It is wonderful! Reflective, relevant, and charming!”

Jim Bruner, PAST Foundation



“The Turkey Men…is really fantastic! Fabulous work…a moving and wonderfully written script … witness this magic!"
Stewart Bender, Columbus Association for the Performing Arts


“What a triumph!"
Steven Anderson,  CATCO is Theatre!



“WOW! Loved it!”
Chuck Miller, Kelton House Museum


This is a "must see"... Fun, informative, well acted, and a fantastic production!
Kent Halloran, The Ohio State University



"WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW! So well written, directed and acted. Best piece of theatre I've seen this year!"
Scott Willis, Actor

"Lovely, lovely, lovely! Just beautiful!"

Dave Morgan, Founder/Artistic Director 'Original Productions Theatre"



"I enjoyed every minute of The Turkey Men. The story and writing was excellent. The actors were terrific."

Judy Calley, Audience Member

"...a beautifully crafted, gently humorous, touching and uplifting show!"

Kate Charlesworth-Miller, The Ohio State University

"Watching the The Turkey Men is like enjoying a dessert that's also nutritious. We've seen it three times. "

Lucille and Daniel Strom, Strom Law Firm

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